Fish Feeding

    So my groups fish are ding very well all though 2 fish from tank 2 died and tank 6 is improving in his/her eating skills and Mrs. Harrisons fish is also improving on eating the brine shrimp the first fish in that tank because it wasn’t eating.

My Group Tank

So what me and my group do is first we get a cart because we are upstairs in Ms. Harrison’s room which is room 211. We have one tiny little fish in one big tank which doesn’t make sense. Then second we get all our materials such as the scrubber thingy, water and vinegar bottle, washcloth/towel, food #squid, tongs, a food scooper net thingy, and I think that’s it. And then have to take the elevator upstairs to get to the tank. And usually there is a class in the room so we are quiet and get to work. And the we come back down after cleaning the tank and put all our materials away and wait to be dismissed