Tank 25

In tank 25, a Jack Dempsey lives happily. This fish is roughly the size of 2 large hands placed on top of each other. His name is Bubbles. In this tank I clean the inside using an algae brush and the outside using a rag and vinegar. His usual meal is 10 small pieces of squid, which he eats with ease. I enjoy taking care of this tank because you never know what Bubbles may do, for example on many occasions he has coughed up his food and then eats it again. Taking care of Bubbles keeps me on my toes!

Tank 15

In tank 15, spadefish used to live there. Sadly, both of the fish died after the weekend passed. They used to eat two tiny pieces of squid each class. I used to clean the inside of the tank using the algae brush and I cleaned the outside using vinegar and a rag. Their names were Cookies and Creme. One of them had a darkened spot on it’s back, so we called him Cookies. Creme had no spot and sounded good with the name Cookies, so that is what we named him. Creme was the first of the 2 to die. The spadefish were probably my favorite little guys in the whole lab because the were small and adorable.