RIP Billy

Unfortunately, despite Nashid’s¬†diligence¬†in feeding and cleaning this tank, the bluegill in the library tank is no longer living. ¬†The fish had not been eating on a regular basis and seemed to be suffering from popeye. ¬†We are maintaining the tank so that it is ready to receive another fish once we get one.

Library Tank

The library tank is one of the most tanks I like the best. It has so many fun things to do with the tank. Sometimes i’ll clean his house to make sure that it’s not dirty and don’t have any germs. The one thing I like best is feeding “Billy” that’s what I call him. I named a lot of fishes in our lab because you want to give that fish a new life and a new start of being who they are. Billy never likes to eat that much but everyday I feed him to make sure that he is at least try to eat. If he don’t eat Billy will probably eat it later for snack or something. The most wierd thing is this he just eats worms everyday. Guess what kind of fish is Billy? He’s a Blue Gill fish I looked up a blue gill online that are one of the most incredible fish anyone can have in their home. So if you want to know more about Billy just ask Mr.Ellis about Nashid.