Today went very smooth. Tank 25 doesnt seem diffrent, except for the new godlfish. The goldfish ate suprisingly quick. The crab in Mrs. speece’s tank ate aggresively, probably because it was hungry. Bobo, the cat fish, ate normally. We started to feed him less pellets because every time we feed him, we found a few pellets floating. Other than that, the feeding went really well today.

Marine Tanks #13, #17 And Living skills

Tank #13.

The blue crab is eating and is presumably happy. we didn’t have time to check for water quality but we cleaned his tank and observed him for a while. he seems to be happy and healthy.

Tank #20

The Oyster toad didn’t eat and wasn’t moving when we checked on him. we cleaned his tank and observed him but we didn’t have time to check water quality. he didn’t eat anything so we are a little concerned but by much

Living Skills

The bluegill was very happy when we observed him, he was very active and ate three live Nightcrawlers (Worms). We didn’t have time to check the water quality but we assumed he will be fine for another day.


Conference post

My tank is in Mrs. Slades room. It is a blue gill and is kind of big. We feed it two worms every Monday and Thursday.  To clean the tank itself, we scrub the inside with a algae scrapper and we spray the outside with vinager and wipe it with a rag. We also do a water check for the quality of the water to make sure that the fish is living in a clean tank. We test using the chemicals nitrate1 nitrate2, nitrite, ammonia1 and ammonia2, and PH. We have four seperate containers filled with 5 ML of water and in them and we put 10 drops of nitrate 1 and nitrate2. In the next we put 5 drops of nitrite. In the next we put 8 drops of ammonia1 and ammonia2. In the next we put 5 drops of PH.

Room 107 Tank

Today my partners and I cleaned, fed, and took water quality for room 107. The water quality was: Salinity-0, Ammonia-0, Nitrate-20, Nitrite-0, and Salinity-7.4. Everything but the nitrate was normal for the tank. The nitrate is usually 0 but today it was 20.

Room 107 tank

Today in room 107 we cleaned the tank and fed the Bluegill. We fed him 10 worms we got from a compost pile. The water quality of the tank was for salinity 0, ammonia 0, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, and pH 7.4. This is normal for the tank and the bluegill is happy.