Trout eggs

We got our trout eggs from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries last night and they have been added to the tank in Mr. Jones’s room.  The eggs will hatch and the trout will grow until we release them in April.  We received 222 eggs but 5 were removed because they had a fungus.

Trout Release

Yesterday the trout that were raised in Mr. Jones classroom were released, well at least the 2 that were left were.  The big one kept eating all of the smaller trout.  The trout were released at the Thompson Wildlife Management Area which is about 20 minutes away from Warrenton, VA.  They were released into an unnamed stream that is a tributary of Goose Creek which is a tributary of the Potomac River.  We have high hopes that the trout will survive because Fish and Wildlife Services has found trout in fish surveys they have conducted.  We plan on raising more trout this coming year and releasing them in April during the Riverfest in Waynesboro, VA.20130807_10410420130807_10303520130807_110038

Mr. Jones’s tank (room 111)

This tank contains brook trout.  Hope and Ayana have been working hard to clean this tank.  They have been stirring the sediment and removing the debris that this puts into the water column.  This tank has also been getting vacuumed on a weekly basis to help clear the water.