Room 204 Mrs.Holthaus

Howdy y’all! I hope you little criters out there are doing okay, because you know how much I care bout y’all. So I know y’all wanna know what I have been up to, so I will tell you what I did Monday September 9th 2013…

Me and my class mate went to room 204 in our school, an feed and cleaned the tank for the little minnow he was such a darlin.

It was a very joyful day for him. 🙂

Room 204 Tank Mrs. Holthaus

On Sempember 9, 2013 me and my partner worked on Mrs. Houthaus’s tank. We cleaned it and made sure the little minnow had plenty of water and gave it some food. He eats fish flakes but only get a small pinch because he is a little guy. I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be updateing it often.