tank harrison

i like fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feed tank harrison every time we have that tank. i feed it many tiny squid pieces. they like squid. gabby/hailee cleans the tanks… THE END! 🙂 :):):):):):):):):):)


I have Mrs.Harrison and Mr.Sanchez’s tanks.Both tanks have mummingchogs. It takes the fish a while to eat their food. Mrs.Harrison’s tank needs 8 shrimp squirts. Mr.Sanchez’s tank needs 4-5 shrim squirts.It didnt take too long to clean and feed the tank. To clean the tanks we just wipe the tanks down with vinagar and use alge scrubbers to scrub the inside of the tank.

cleaning tanks!

Me and my team cleaned Mrs.Harrisons tank I picked up the food. Then i cleaned the tank with vinegar on the outside and with a clean towel. We did this Febuary,6 2014. We fed the fish 11 pieces of squid. We we got back to the lab we found out that the Ammonia was 0ppm, the Nitrate was 160ppm, the Nitrite was 0ppm, and the pH was 7.8.

greedy fish

when we were in mrs.harrisons class last week, the small fish ate almost all of the food! he is the greedy one, and the big fish never gets a lot. the ammonia is good, the ph was definitly higher than normal, and the salinity was too. everything else seemed to be ok though.

-Skylar 😀


greedy white perch

the white perch in mrs.harrison’s class are doing great… they are b0th eating… and are greedy! right after one of the fish eats, and we try to feed the other one, a lot of times the first fish will eat it! anyways… i dont think the nitrates are doing good because its 160.. :(:( but hopefully that will change soon

The fish in Mrs.Harrisons room!!

Today we fed the 2 fish in Mrs.Harriosns room. We had to get the keys to the school to get in……… Thanks Officer Austin! They ate great and will be getting extra squid  tomorrow. The nitrates were extremely high , the water will have to get changed. But the fish are doing awesome!     -Katyy 🙂