I have Mrs.Harrison and Mr.Sanchez’s tanks.Both tanks have mummingchogs. It takes the fish a while to eat their food. Mrs.Harrison’s tank needs 8 shrimp squirts. Mr.Sanchez’s tank needs 4-5 shrim squirts.It didnt take too long to clean and feed the tank. To clean the tanks we just wipe the tanks down with vinagar and use alge scrubbers to scrub the inside of the tank.

Temporary Guest

We had a tank guest for about a day.  Some of the seventh graders found a snapping turtle while outside yesterday.  The turtle called BTW home for the night but is ready to continue its journey in the wild and will be released today to its rightful place in the wild.   The turtle is in a 5 gallon bucket in the picture below to give you an idea of size.

Ms. Presson’s Tank

Today, Ms. Presson’s tank, the one with the blenny, was moved to her room today! Now in class, we can watch it! 🙂 We haven’t thought of a name yet. We’ll let Ms. Presson decide that. Today, the blenny caught the squid we gave it in his mouth finally! Yay! We think the fish is very cute and  it’ll love being in Room 212! 😀