I did the  big tank right in front of the aquatics lab and one of the small tanks inside the aquatics lab. I put down all the numbers on both tanks and also I tested the ph levels, ammonia and the salinity using a hydrometer and/or a refractometer.

David Croakerfield

When I came in this morning, I heard a drumming sound and was shocked to see a croaker on the floor under the door.  I put the croaker back in the tank and it is doing fine.  The weird thing is that the lids were on the tank as was the board that is kept across the lids to prevent the fish from jumping out.  The only possible explanation is that the croaker is -David Croakerfield (I cannot take credit for this joke).

Under Construction

Unfortunately this tank is in need of repair and thus is not home to any fish at the moment.  The tank was leaking around one of the bulkheads that drains the water in the tank so that it can flow into the sump where it is filtered before being pumped back into the tank.  You can see the missing bulkhead if you look on the back of the tank up on the deck inside of the classroom.

Tank 22 Update

Wow, its been a while! Tank 22’s cobia or “Sparkley” is doing well. The salinity and pH are different, though… The salinity is 15, Ammonia is 0.25, Nitrate is 5.0, Nitrite is 0, and the pH is 8.0. We should look into some of these changes, but it doesn’t seem to have harmed Sparkley in anyway.

Tank 22

Tank 22 is the large display tank that is visible from the hallway outside the aquatics lab.  This is a saltwater tank that houses a juvenile cobia, which gets fed 1.0 gram of cobia pellets.  This tank was vacuumed last week by our 8th grade team in charge of vacuuming.