Today went very smooth. Tank 25 doesnt seem diffrent, except for the new godlfish. The goldfish ate suprisingly quick. The crab in Mrs. speece’s tank ate aggresively, probably because it was hungry. Bobo, the cat fish, ate normally. We started to feed him less pellets because every time we feed him, we found a few pellets floating. Other than that, the feeding went really well today.

Tank 25

In tank 25 the fish was being very shy. He did not want to come out to eat his food. He did eventually come out to eat his food. The filter was in a good condition. I think that this fish will have to get used to us, eventually.


My group consists of four people. We had tanks 103, 206, and tank 25. The fish in Ms. Speece’s room ate very fast, I mean in like 10 seconds. We cleaned off all the algae and cleaned the outside of the tanks. In Mrs. Gibsons room(206) the fish ate the pellets but very slowly. The tank was very dirty with algae and was very clean on the inside and out after we finished it. For tank 25 The fish also ate very fast and was clean on the inside and outside.

Tanks 25 and 16

Tank 16 seems to have lost a Black Sea Bass, I wonder if it has already died? The old White Perch died in the same tank. Yet, that little crab seems to be as healthy as ever. I wonder if these missing fish have been overfed or the tanks pH or nitrates/nitrates were out of wack.

Tank 25’s single freshwater fish is doing fine. It has been becoming more used to to us, and does not swim to his/her rock when shadows go by. The only thing that scares him/her now is the algae scraper.