Tank 5

Every one in Mr. Ellis’s class is asigned tankes to clean, feed, and test. Kailen and I were asigned tank 5. Every day when we get to Mr.Ellis’s class we feed our tanks. Tank 5 has 2 flounders so it get’s 4 medium sized pieces of squid (2 for each flownder). After we feed the fish we get an algie scruber and clean the inside of the tank. When that is done we get a towel and vinegar spray bottle so we can clean the outside of the tank. Then we have to check the filter and make sure that it is clean. And finally we spray the top of the tank. After we finish cleaning we test the salinity of the tank, which is usualy 20. Once we do all that we are done with tanks for the day.

%The water quality%

The water quality. This time the water quality stayed the same. Does it every time.

The nitrite was 0ppm

The nitrate was also 0ppm

The ammonia was 25ppm

This time the ph went up to 8.0

The salinity always stays the same 16