Our new fish, Killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We final have a new fish, it took awhile, but its finally here.  I’m kind of scared of it, but I’m getting used to it, it eats little shrimps that you squirt into a eye dropper.  The first day he didn’t eat it all, but today he ate it all and  I  was surprised. When we clean the tank he jumps up and I’m scared that he might bite me.

Tank 16

In tank 16, we got a new juvenile blue crab.  However, it will not eat.  When we try to feed it, the fish in the tank tries to eat the crab’s food.  Hopefully it will get used to its surroundings and start eating soon!

The black sea bass has been doing well lately.  There was no need to add water to the tank and it was very clean to begin with.  When i tried cleaning the inside of it, the fish tried to eat the algae scraper and then got scared.  It eventually calmed down.

Marine Tanks #13, #17 And Living skills

Tank #13.

The blue crab is eating and is presumably happy. we didn’t have time to check for water quality but we cleaned his tank and observed him for a while. he seems to be happy and healthy.

Tank #20

The Oyster toad didn’t eat and wasn’t moving when we checked on him. we cleaned his tank and observed him but we didn’t have time to check water quality. he didn’t eat anything so we are a little concerned but by much

Living Skills

The bluegill was very happy when we observed him, he was very active and ate three live Nightcrawlers (Worms). We didn’t have time to check the water quality but we assumed he will be fine for another day.


Tanks 25 and 16

Tank 16 seems to have lost a Black Sea Bass, I wonder if it has already died? The old White Perch died in the same tank. Yet, that little crab seems to be as healthy as ever. I wonder if these missing fish have been overfed or the tanks pH or nitrates/nitrates were out of wack.

Tank 25’s single freshwater fish is doing fine. It has been becoming more used to to us, and does not swim to his/her rock when shadows go by. The only thing that scares him/her now is the algae scraper.