when we feed the fish, we have to cut the squid into pieces so that it will be easier for the fish to eat, some people clean the tanks with vinegar, and in tank #2 they have to clean the inside of the tank. and when the fish eats the squid, we have to record the tank number, the animal, the food, and the salinity. it is important not to play around when you are doing tanks, because you could probably harm, or kill the animals if you are playing around. and at the beginning when we first started doing tanks, we had to make rules with our group for the tank so that you won’t

harm or hurt the animals because they are very important to booker t. Washington’s marine science classroom.

Room 111 tank

Today the trout weren’t doing so well as the previous visits when my group and I saw them. Their tank water was more cloudy than it was supposed to. The fish have increased there size over the week. The cloudy water was caused by overfeeding the fish.

Mrs. Nelson Rodgers Tank

Mrs. Nelson Rodgers tank holds a handful of baby trout. When we had first got them, they were little trout eggs. My group has seen them grow over the past months. A few days ago,  someone overfed the fish. When my group went to the tank for a cleaning, the water was very cloudy and dirty. It had white foam at the top and you could hardly see into the tank before we started to clean it. I hope that the remaining trout that are in the tank all get released in spring.

cleaning tank 11 and 2

Our tank is doing really well. The crab in tank 11 likes to try to attack you through the tank. Our crab also doesn’t like when we go near it with the algae brush.  In tank 2 one of the fish died. Even though this happened the other fish are still happy and very energetic.


When we do the tanks our group always make sure that each tank is cleaned and each fish in each tank should always be fed. We make sure that we finish our work before we start to play around and talk to each other. When we are done we wait for our next instructions. That is what we do when we have to do tanks.