Tank 8

Normally I clean tank number 8, (despite what my partner says; she usually cleans 9 and I clean 8) the crab that lives in this tank always eats his large piece of food. Sometimes he gets a little aggressive when I’m cleaning the inside of his tank, but it’s not really a problem.

Tank 4 and 5

I take care of tank #4 and #5. My team and I cut pieces of squid and feed it to the eels and the Pompano fish. We get a rag and spray vinegar spray bottle to clean the outside of the two tanks. We then clean the inside of the tanks with a sponge like thing. After that we get all the salt off of the top of the cage. Then we add more water to the fill line if it needs it. Then we are done.

Tank 4

Tank 4 is my favorite because I like feeding it a goldfish. In tank 4 there is a Pompano Fish and it really likes goldfish. It is also my favorite cause he’s really fast and can move very quickly.