Tank 4

In tank #4 there are 4 eels, they are American eels. They are pretty big, they are like a grayish brown on top and a whiteish tan on the bottom. The eels eat squid identical, they eat about 9-11 tentacles. My job for the eel tank is to first feed him, they usually eat it very quick and sometimes fight over it. Then second I clean the inside with the algae brush. Next, I clean the outside with a rag and vinegar spray bottle. Lastly, I clean the salt off from the top and then I’m done. The eels are very easy to maintain and are easy to feed.

Tank 25 BUBBLES!

A Jack Dempsey named Bubbles lives in Tank 25. He eats 10 small squid pieces because he is getting skinny. Bubbles has not been eating at all recently and we hope he doesn’t die soon. We have tried different types of food but he refuses to eat. Get healthy Bubbles!!

Mrs. Nelson-Roger’s Tank and Tank 12

Mrs. Nelson-Roger’s tank has trout fish, they eat “trout food” which consists of ground up fish. When we clean the tank we have to be careful of the fish because they are very small. In tank 12, there are Striped Killifish and they eat squid tentacles, but we have to cut them up to pieces in order for the fish to be able to consume them.