Naked Goby

Naked Goby

Gobiosoma bosc




  • Distinguishing characteristics:  They have no scales.  Brownish-green in color along the back and sides while paler on the belly.  8-10 vertical bars.


In the Wild

  • Habitat:  Estuaries especially on oyster reefs
  • Diet:  Crustaceans and worms
  • Predators:  The larvae are a part of the diet of many forage fishes.
  • Size:  Up to 2.5 inches
  • Breeding:  Spawn in late spring and commonly nest in dead oyster shells.



In the Aquatics Lab

  • Diet:  brine shrimp
  • Size:  about an inch
  • Quantity:  1



Other information

  • Virginia Regulations:  none
  • Commercial Uses:  none

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