Speckled trout

Speckled Trout

Cynoscion nebulosus

 speckled trout
  • Distinguishing characteristics:  The speckled trout has a long and sleek body. It has a squared tail fin with a deep notch in its dorsal fin.  It also has lots of black spots.


In the Wild

  • Habitat:  It lives in brackish water in shallow areas.
  • Diet:  Eats small fish and shrimp.
  • Predators:  Other large fish eat it as well as birds such as osprey.
  • Size:   14-20 inches is how big the speckled trout gets in the wild.
  • Breeding:  They spawn in salty water at night from late May through July.
  • Life Span:  It can live 15 to 18 years old.



In the Aquatics Lab

  • Diet:
  • Size:
  • Quantity:  We no longer have any speckled trout in the lab.



Other information

  • Virginia Regulations:  They have to be at least 14 inches and you are only allowed 10.
  • Commercial Uses:  Yes there is commercial uses for catching speckled trout.

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