Tank 25 BUBBLES!

A Jack Dempsey named Bubbles lives in Tank 25. He eats 10 small squid pieces because he is getting skinny. Bubbles has not been eating at all recently and we hope he doesn’t die soon. We have tried different types of food but he refuses to eat. Get healthy Bubbles!!

Tank 25

A Jack Dempsey lives in tank 25. His name is Bubbles!!! He usually eats 4-5 small squid pieces but he has been getting skinnier so we had to start feeding him as much as he could keep down. Sometimes, Bubbles eats but a minute later he coughs up 2 or more of the squid pieces we fed him. If he doesn’t start eating properly he can’t gain weight and be a healthy fishy. There is no need to fill water because the tank does that itself. We also need to be very careful when cleaning Bubbles’s tank because we feed him before so he will stay calmer. It works unless you accidentally touch him with the algae brush. He will hurl some more. We are trying harder to get Bubbles to eat and hope he survives.

Tank 15

In tank 15 both the spadefish died. We named them Cookies and Creme. We can tell them apart because Cookies has a dark mark on his tail and Creme doesn’t. They were so small and adorable. After Creme died, (not during our class) Cookies  stopped eating. He died a few classes later. They used to eat shrimp but got upgraded to tiny squid pieces. I usually feed the tanks and take out food that wasn’t eaten which has been happening a lot. The food is definitely not too big for the fish. He just wouldn’t eat. My teammates clean and fill water. I think we have been doing a good job.