Tank 8

Normally I clean tank number 8, (despite what my partner says; she usually cleans 9 and I clean 8) the crab that lives in this tank always eats his large piece of food. Sometimes he gets a little aggressive when I’m cleaning the inside of his tank, but it’s not really a problem.

the flounder has died

The flounder has very sadly passed away. He died due to starvation we did feed him but he didn’t like squid very much so he refused to eat. the flounders name was the flounder. The fish was found dead December 3 2018 he was two years old when he died. He will hopefully live a good life in fish heaven. He will be missed. R.I.P flounder┬á


mrs.cogans crab

Grace and i have the tank in ms.cogans room with a blue crab. Its a blue average size crab with some white underneath the crab. He will often eat two small squid tentacles­čÉÖ, and sometimes he will eat a medium size squid piece. The salinity ans ph level in his water have been good. i will often clean the glass on the outside of the tank or either feed the crab. And sometimes when grace cleans the inside of the tank he try to cling onto the brush and “attack it,” but overall hes been doing great ­čśŐ

Baby Blue Crab

I take care of the baby blue crab in the living skills room. It is very small, and it swims around the tank excitedly when I put the food in. The crab eats a small sized squid tentacle. When taking care of this tank, I first feed him his food. Then, I take the water quality using the test strips. Next, I clean the inside with an algae brush, and the outside with vinegar water. Finally, I fill the tank to t’s fill line. I always enjoy cleaning my tank and taking care of the baby blue crab.

Tank 20

In our tank we have a hungry bass. It is amazing to take care of it. It eats tentacles and eats till it cant eat anymore. My job is to either clean the inside or out . The bass can be a hassle but that’s the fun part. This lovable bass will make anyone happy.

Cafe Tank and Tank 19 at BTW

Me and my group take care of the tank in the cafeteria and tank 19 in the lab. The cafeteria tank has an Eel inside which we feed multiple pieces of squid, the Eel is always somewhere different in a blink of an eye and will not hesitate to charge your hand for a piece of food. The Eel is around 10 inches in length. My job at this tank is to clean the outside and inside of the tank. In tank 19 there is a roughly 8 inch long Oyster Toad. You may think of it as a real Toad, but an Oyster Toad is a brown fish with the most stupid (but funny) expression on his face. The fish also has patterns all over itself to blend in in the wild. We feed 5-7 pieces of small squid to it and my job is to clean off the tank and the water level.




Tank 4

Tank four consists of greedy eels.  Almost every B day Angel, Cajia, Emma, Gabby, and I clean this tank. Having this responsibility we split each task up. Each of us have our own role in cleaning this tank to make the eels happy and well treated. These eels eat 10 tentacles from squid. The role I take part in is recording all the data. I will check off everything that my friends do for our tank on a sheet of paper then record it again on the blue sheet of paper on the door.

Tank 25

In tank 25 there is a Jack Dempsey named Bubbles. He has cool colors on his side which make him more unique. He eats squid pieces and eats a good amount. My job in this tank is to clean the inside which includes, moving around the rocks and cleaning the tanks inside glass.