Cafe Tank and Tank 19 at BTW

Me and my group take care of the tank in the cafeteria and tank 19 in the lab. The cafeteria tank has an Eel inside which we feed multiple pieces of squid, the Eel is always somewhere different in a blink of an eye and will not hesitate to charge your hand for a piece of food. The Eel is around 10 inches in length. My job at this tank is to clean the outside and inside of the tank. In tank 19 there is a roughly 8 inch long Oyster Toad. You may think of it as a real Toad, but an Oyster Toad is a brown fish with the most stupid (but funny) expression on his face. The fish also has patterns all over itself to blend in in the wild. We feed 5-7 pieces of small squid to it and my job is to clean off the tank and the water level.