Tank 20

In our tank we have a hungry bass. It is amazing to take care of it. It eats tentacles and eats till it cant eat anymore. My job is to either clean the inside or out . The bass can be a hassle but that’s the fun part. This lovable bass will make anyone happy.

Cafe Tank and Tank 19 at BTW

Me and my group take care of the tank in the cafeteria and tank 19 in the lab. The cafeteria tank has an Eel inside which we feed multiple pieces of squid, the Eel is always somewhere different in a blink of an eye and will not hesitate to charge your hand for a piece of food. The Eel is around 10 inches in length. My job at this tank is to clean the outside and inside of the tank. In tank 19 there is a roughly 8 inch long Oyster Toad. You may think of it as a real Toad, but an Oyster Toad is a brown fish with the most stupid (but funny) expression on his face. The fish also has patterns all over itself to blend in in the wild. We feed 5-7 pieces of small squid to it and my job is to clean off the tank and the water level.




Tank 15

In tank 15, spadefish used to live there. Sadly, both of the fish died after the weekend passed. They used to eat two tiny pieces of squid each class. I used to clean the inside of the tank using the algae brush and I cleaned the outside using vinegar and a rag. Their names were Cookies and Creme. One of them had a darkened spot on it’s back, so we called him Cookies. Creme had no spot and sounded good with the name Cookies, so that is what we named him. Creme was the first of the 2 to die. The spadefish were probably my favorite little guys in the whole lab because the were small and adorable.

Tank 15

In tank 15 both the spadefish died. We named them Cookies and Creme. We can tell them apart because Cookies has a dark mark on his tail and Creme doesn’t. They were so small and adorable. After Creme died, (not during our class) Cookies  stopped eating. He died a few classes later. They used to eat shrimp but got upgraded to tiny squid pieces. I usually feed the tanks and take out food that wasn’t eaten which has been happening a lot. The food is definitely not too big for the fish. He just wouldn’t eat. My teammates clean and fill water. I think we have been doing a good job.

Tank 15

In tank 15 there were two spadefish, they were small and each had either a unique mark or no mark. We had also named them Cookies and Creme. Cookies has a mark on its side that looked like a burn mark. Creme had no mark which earned them their matching names. They used to eat small pieces of squid. For this tank I would add more water when it was needed. Sadly, both fish died over a weekend.