One of our fish has not eaten anything which is a cause of starvation, which made our fish die last week on a Thursday. We had to get a new fish which has not eaten the squid on the first day we tried to feed it. What should we feed him?

Marine Science class

Today in marine science we fed the fish recently both our fish died. There was a new fish in tank 6 but we had to take a new fish to live in Ms. Harrison’s room. The fish was very scared and seemed to be in shock. We still don’t know what the fish in tank6 eats but we tried to feed it brine shrimp.

Ms. Roberts blue crab

Our tank is a blue crab, which eats squid and lives in salt or fresh water. The blue crab lives in all kinds of water, river, bays, and etc. the blue crab population went down as more crabbers caught them. then the regulation came into play, ever since the population has gone up and they are not in danger.