Tank 3

Tank 3 has had a few problems. The fish has a wound that may have an infection. To help with this, we have to put medicine in the water which turns it orange. This was very alarming for the group and is now known to them. The medicine is going to heal and help make sure that the bacteria clears the problem on his side.


when we feed the fish, we have to cut the squid into pieces so that it will be easier for the fish to eat, some people clean the tanks with vinegar, and in tank #2 they have to clean the inside of the tank. and when the fish eats the squid, we have to record the tank number, the animal, the food, and the salinity. it is important not to play around when you are doing tanks, because you could probably harm, or kill the animals if you are playing around. and at the beginning when we first started doing tanks, we had to make rules with our group for the tank so that you won’t

harm or hurt the animals because they are very important to booker t. Washington’s marine science classroom.