Lepomis macrochirus


  • Distinguishing characteristics:  The bluegill has dark shades of blue on its head and chin.  They have a blue lining on the gill rakers.


In the Wild

  • Habitat:  They live in the shallow water of lakes and ponds.
  • Diet:  They eat aquatic insects, crayfish, snails and other small fish.
  • Predators:  Their predators include catfish, bass and turtles
  • Size:  They get up to 16 inches long



In the Aquatics Lab

  • Diet:  We feed one of the bluegill 3 worms and the other smaller bluegill is fed flake food.
  • Size:  One bluegill is about 3-4 inches and the other blue gill is about 6-7 inches.
  • Quantity:  We have 2 bluegill at BTW.



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