Summer Flounder

Paralichthys dentatus



  • Distinguishing characteristics: Flat, colored like the bottom, left handed fish, rounded, large spots.


In the Wild

  • Habitat:  The summer flounder lives in saltwater bays, inlets, deep water with rocky bottoms.
  • Diet: The summer flounder eats small shrimp and fish.
  • Predators: The summer flounder’s predators are bigger fish, crabs and seabirds at various stages in its life history.
  • Size: Summer flounder grow up to 26 pounds and up to 20 inches.
  • Breeding:  Summer flounder breed in deep ocean water during the winter.
  • Life Span:  Summer flounder can live up to at the most 20 years.



In the Aquatics Lab

  • Diet: In the aquatics lab, we feed them squid.
  • Size:  The summer flounder in the aquatics lab are around 10-14 inches.
  • Quantity:  We have 3 summer flounder in the aquatics lab.



Other information

  • Virginia Regulations:  The regulations for summer flounder are minimum size=16 inches, possession limit=4 per person.
  •  Commercial Uses:  The summer flounder is used as a major food fish.

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