My group consists of four people. We had tanks 103, 206, and tank 25. The fish in Ms. Speece’s room ate very fast, I mean in like 10 seconds. We cleaned off all the algae and cleaned the outside of the tanks. In Mrs. Gibsons room(206) the fish ate the pellets but very slowly. The tank was very dirty with algae and was very clean on the inside and out after we finished it. For tank 25 The fish also ate very fast and was clean on the inside and outside.

Ms. Speece Tank

In Ms. Speece tank we cleaned the tank. The tank looked very clean before we cleaned it. The filter was in good shape. The water looked very clear and the water level was pretty high. There was no need to fill the tank with more water. The fish did eat the food, squid, that was given. I don’t think we will have any problems with this tank in the near future.

Fish Tanks

The catfish aka Bobo in room 206 is still eating the same amount of food 6 or 7 carnivore pellets. The salinity was 6ppt the tank was cleaner than usual. The blue crab in room 103 is still eating all of its food. The salinity was 10ppt and the tank was the same.