In Mrs. Samuels’ tank one of her crabs recently molted. We were able to get its old shell out of the tank with a net. Now, that its has been a little while since it has molted, the crab is eating again!

Samuels’ Tank Room 200 (Mud Crab)

Yesterday, me and my partner first went upstairs to take care of Mrs Samuels’ Mud Crab upstairs. It was a bit difficult because I had to go back downstairs twice. And The crab wouldn’t take his food. So we left it in front  of him. Next, we cleaned the outside of the tank like we were supposed to with the vinegar spray bottle and we wiped it dry with the towel. After that, we cleaned the brown spots real good on the inside. We didn’t see any more spots after we finished! 😉

Mrs. Samules Tank

Yestarday we went to mrs samules room.  We feed her crab.  Then we cleaned the salt of the top of the tank.  Then we sprayed vingar on the tank and cleaned it.  The tank smelled like vingar after i put vingar on it.  Then we used the sponge on a stick to clean the inside of it.  Then we got a mason jar full of the water and went down stairs to the aqwatics lab and tested the water qwality.



Yesterday on 2/4/13, I cleaned the tank for room 200. The tank itself had a little grime but nothing some vinegar water and a rag couldn’t clean up. Though the water was cleaned, I fed the skillet fish a small piece of squid.  The nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite was zero. Though the the ph was 7.8. I don’t know if thats a good number or  a so leave a comment and I will respond.